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Employee Management

HR leaders are moving to a cloud-based HRMS for the benefits they can reap such as those found in Crew Human Capital Management Cloud. Crew solution:
Delivers superior employee experiences by helping people to engage continuously and be productive.
One central database for all employees
Allows onboarding and termination of employees
Aligns a companys people strategy to support its evolving business strategy, adjusting to the ever-accelerating changes in the business landscape
Creates a culture of innovation by keeping up with emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, chatbots, blockchain while staying ahead of the competition

Leave Management

Leave management, also called time-off management, is the set of processes that controls the application, approval and tracking of employee leave in an organization. Tasks include routing the application through multiple decision-makers, notifying payroll, and communicating with employee attendance records and organizational time-off or leave policies.
Crew allows employs to login and apply leave from anywhere, approval of leave by supervisor and or Hr, leave balance auto calculation and tracking, leave configurations etc

Payroll Management

Crew Payroll management consists of several stages and procedures that require expertise in financial administration, such as employment contract management. Payroll management performs the following tasks: Calculating and paying wages, settlement of tax withholdings Delivery of wage calculations and certificates to the employees Compiling statistics for different authorities, and for the purposes of improving activities Drawing up employment contracts Providing regulatory reports to the tax agencies and insurance companies Calculating annual holidays Managing deductions for employee benefits The travel costs and travel invoices from the employees are usually processed together with payroll.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a type of software that act as a human resources database for organizing applicants. Crew ats allow posting of jobs to our public job portal called Greener Pastures Job Portal Applicant are able to apply, allows viewing of all applications,allows shortlisting and exporting the selected candidate to employee database.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory both consumable and non consumable items from this module. Crew allows you to track who has company assests and claiming lost items


Staff can request training from their end. Hr can be able to determine training needs of all staff and manage them with their budget

Performance and Appraisal

This eliminates paper work appraisal.Hr can create an appraisal questionare which is filled by staff, verified by supervisor and approved by HR

Employee Self-Service and User Management

Employees can update their details from anywhere and any device allows role based management and access to control and regulate which module is to be accessed